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Dr. Luisa-Elena Delgado

Associate Professor of Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese
SPANISH AND PORTUGUESE; Affiliated Faculty of Latin American and Caribbean Studies
Associate Professor of LAS Global Studies
Associate Professor of Gender and Women's Studies
Center for Global Studies
European Union Center

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Contact Information

  • Address: 4080 FLB - 707 S Mathews (Urbana)
    Il 61801
  • Telephone: (217) 333-3390
  • Email:


I was born in Caracas, Venezuela,  the granddaughter of exiles and daughter of immigrants. I was raised in Spain since I was six. I moved to California to do my PhD.and have been a resident of the United States for many years now. In 2013,  I moved to Barcelona to direct the University of Illinois-University of California Study Center (2013-15).

Specializations / Research Interest(s)

Modern and Contemporary Spanish Literature and Cultural Studies. Cultural Construction of Identities. Cultural Theory. Ideology and Culture. Emotions and Affect in culture.,

Research Description

  • The focus of my current research and teachingis the cultural construction of Spanish national identity in thedemocratic period. I have just finished a book on the subject:

    La nación singular. Fantasías de la normalidad democrática española(1996-2011). Madrid: Siglo XXI Editores, 2014.

    I am also working on emotions and affect in Spanish culture, andhave a forthcoming book, co-edited with Jo Labanyi and Pura Fernandez: Engaging the Emotions in Spanish Culture and History (from theEnlightment to the Present).Vanderbilt UP.



  • Ph.D University of California, Santa Barbara
  • Complutense U, Madrid, Licenciatura

Distinctions / Awards

  • 2010-11 Unit for Criticism and Interpretive Theory Nicholson Fellow.
  • 2009-2010. Humanities Council Teaching Excellence Award. (University of Illinois).
  • Honorable Mention, Best Research in the Humanities, Illinois Program for Research In the Humanities (for "The Sound and the Red Fury")


  • 2007. Program for Cultural Cooperation between Spanish Ministry of Culture and North American Universities
  • 2009 Centre for Scientific Research (CSIC- Spain).
  • 2009 Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation


  • Intro to Cultural Analysis (Sp 254)



Book Contributions

  • "f we build it, will they come? Iberian Studies as Field of Dreams." Iberian Modalities. 2013.
  • "“The Astigmatic Vision and the Perception of Minority Literatures”." Writers in Between Languages: Minority Languages in the Global Scene. University of Nevada UP, Center for Basque Studies, 2010.
  • "“Gertrudis Gómez de Avellaneda: escritura, feminidad y reconocimiento.”." La mujer de letras o la letraherida. Textos y representaciones del discurso médico-social y cultural sobre la mujer escritora en el siglo XIX. Ed. Pura Fernández and Marie L. Ortega. Madrid-Toulouse-LeMirail: Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, 2008.
  • "“El artista frente al abismo. Modernidad y decadencia de Antonio de Hoyos.”." En el país del arte: la novela del artista. Ed. Facundo Tomás. Valencia: Biblioteca Valenciana, 2003. 101-23.

Journal Articles

  • Delgado, Luisa Elena. ""The Sound and the Red Fury: The Sticking Poings of Spanish Nationalism"." Journal of Spanish Cultural Studies 11.3-4 (2010): 263-286.
  • "Deshaciendo los nudos: fetichismo y feminidad en la narrativa de Jasone Osoro." Bulletin of Spanish Studies (2009):
  • "La nación (in) vertebrada y las crisis de la normalidad democrática." Revista científica de información y comunicación (2009):
  • Mendelson, Jordana, and Luisa Elena Delgado. " “Recalcitrant Modernities: Spain, Cultural Difference and the Location of Modernism.” ." Special issue of Journal of Iberian and Latin American Studies 13.2.3 (2007):