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Emanuel Rota

Associate Professor of Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese
Associate Professor of History
Associate Professor of LAS Global Studies
European Union Center
Center for Global Studies
Associate Professor of French

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  • Rota, Emanuel. A Pact with Vichy: Angelo Tasca from Italian Socialism to French Collaboration (World War II: the Global, Human, and Ethical Dimension). Fordham University Press, 2012.
  • Translation into Italian of the book Retroactive Justice by Istvan Rev (Palo Alto: Stanford University Press, 2005). Trans. Emanuel Rota . Milan: Feltrinelli,, 2007.

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Book Contributions

  • "“Unwilling Multiculturalism: the Italian Immigrant Women and the Americanization Movement,” ." The Cultures of Migration. Ed. Graziella Parati and Anthony Tamburri. New York: Fordham University Press, 2010.
  • "“La tentazione corporativa: corporativismo e propaganda fascista nelle file del socialismo europeo,” ." Progetti Corporativi Tra le Due Guerre Mondiali,. Ed. Matteo Pasetti. Rome: Carocci, 2007. 85-98.

Journal Articles

  • " "The Worker and the Southerner: The Invention of Laziness and the Representation of Southern Europe in the Age of the Industrious Revolutions,"." Cultural Critique (2012):
  • "No Future For You: Italy Between Fictional Past And Postnational Future." California Italian Studies Journal 2.1 (2011):
  • "“The Tragedy of the Real: Erich Auerbach and the Last Days of German Historicism” ." Moderna, Semestrale di Teoria e Critica della Letteratura (2009):
  • "“Angelo Tasca e la scelta collaborazionista in Francia: un fascismo antifascista?”." Società e Storia 114 (2006): 757-781.